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Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank

Good quality Aerobic Exercise Equipment for sales
Good quality Aerobic Exercise Equipment for sales
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Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank

China Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank supplier
Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank supplier Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank supplier Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank supplier

Large Image :  Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank

Product Details:

Place of Origin: SHANGHAI,China
Brand Name: WNQ
Certification: SGS
Model Number: WNQ-6015

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 21 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Assemble Space: 1520*1450*1550mm Gross Weight: 280kg
Package Space: 1.987m3 Function: Deltoid Raise
Logo: WNQ Fitness Material: Steel
Color: Black Design: Equipped With The Push-type Adjusting Hand Shank

Equipped with the push type adjusting hand shank Power Exercise Equipment


Shoulder Training

ABS advanced entire shield.High-end patent electron display ,on which shows time,frequency,heart rate.Designed by human engineering.
Equipped with the push-type adjusting hand shank,which can be adjusted according to the users' figure,so as to ensure the convenience.
There is auxiliary nitrogen spring adjustment set inside,which can be adjusted according to the users'figure,so as to ensure the convenience.
Adopt balance weight on the wall,which makes the exercise smooth.

Shoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand ShankShoulder Strengthening Power Exercise Equipment With Push Type Adjusting Hand Shank

Beginner training program

Number of times: 1-5 times is to develop the overall strength of muscle, not recommended that novice. 6-12 times is the best for muscle development is the best 15 times is to improve the muscle line. Everyone according to their own goals to set their own needs of the number of times.


Attention should be paid to: small weight, small load, low intensity, simple action, and then with their own training ability to improve, gradually increase the amount of exercise, exercise intensity, high difficulty exercise.


Shoulder scapula muscle training can be elected, not to resume the balance of the deltoid and pectoralis major. In addition, standing standing shoulder press can develop the abdomen, lower back, hips and thighs muscle strength and stability. Take the time to strengthen your standing shoulder press will also increase your grip strength for pushing. Standing on the shoulders of elected let you a steady increase in the shoulder.


This is one of the best ways to train the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle, which focuses on training the middle bundle of the deltoid muscle. Shoulder back. Head straight up (see front, hands on both sides of your body with neutral grip)


If you want to have broad shoulders, please read the classic deltoid training carefully, and please pay attention to the training rules.


Rule 1: before you train deltoid, please make sure of their structures. The deltoid muscle from the former three bundles, one can not only practice the shoulder muscle training, do not concentrate on to do before the side. After shoulder different exercises.


Rule 2: dumbbell press and flat on the side is the key content of training, training is the beginning of my shoulder two actions: a recommendation movement and dumbbell lateral movements. All push stimulation of the deltoid muscle, making it bigger, forming dumbbell shoulders. Sideward development side beam, can increase the width of the shoulders, enhance the visual effect. The broad shoulder and waist, the upper body can form a beautiful shape of "V".


Rule 3: Pyramid will use the side beam deltoid stimulation training rule. Four years ago the day I walk in the gym Why not, thinking myself into the imaginary shoulder, and genetic factors allow me to obtain a championship caliber special physical shoulder. After much deliberation, think I missed some valuable East unitary in training, so that the shoulder can not be broadened. So I decided to go to the development of side beam with Pyramid law, to see whether there will be using this rule change. After two weeks, I was surprised to find the shoulders wider, thicker, a lot of progress in this training. I finally broke through the barrier, and achieved great success. I do 25 times test at 30 pound dumbbell, 40 pounds for 15, 50 pounds for 10. 60 pounds for a hundred times. Then in this order to do, until 30 pounds 25 times. Two cycles without any rest exercise.


Rule 4: do not ignore the trapezius muscle and deltoid. Even in aerobics training is very important, you need to build a harmony The physical, there can be a part of the body is more important than other parts of the idea. In the deltoid muscle training, requirements and trapezius deltoid and anterior bundle and bundle in the match. It is recommended that you will bend birds and upright rowing on your shoulder training plan.


Rule 5: don't neglect joint, otherwise it will cause injury. The shoulder is a training injury risk area. Even if you act in the right position, if the weight is too heavy, there will be the risk of injury. Therefore, do two sets of 20-25 warm-up press is indispensable in formal training.


Rule 6: all shoulder exercises should be elected press start. Can effectively increase the anterior deltoids, strength and volume in the beam. I use the Smith apparatus (also available in front of the neck barbell) do press, this is a very good development in the anterior bundle of action, then the dumbbell measured in front of you, and The body of birds, finally erect rowing.


Rule 7: it is important to recover. I often one week training in different parts of two. If your shoulder is very powerful, can try two times a week stimulation of this area. If your shoulders to development, then a week to practice a deltoid is enough.


Method 8: focus on technical movements. Should be strictly correct to do every action. Please pay attention to what I am for action, serious training, you will be able to do better. - deltoid barbell press you can do this action with Smith instruments or a barbell. Push up the barbell to the highest point, and then down first the chest position. With strict control to complete each election, do not go too fast, otherwise the muscle is not fully stretch and shrink. At the bottom of the movement against the rebound force push up the barbell. Do two sets of 20~25 times the 4 formal training warm-up exercises, group 10~15. - out alternate dumbbell do I take the action in the inclined bench, to enhance the resistance. This is a challenging action, of course I do stand out. Holding dumbbells at the front thigh, a hand slowly before the dumbbell head to high position, control of decentralization, on the other hand began to lift. Many bodybuilders the dumbbell on the thigh, so easily held before force, is not desirable. For the isolation exercises anterior deltoids, should put the dumbbell in the front of the thigh. This action of 3 groups, each group of 10~15 times. - dumbbell lateral sitting or standing can be started on dumbbell. In front of the body, and then raised slowly to the sides, to arm parallel to the ground. Then the deltoid muscle in the beam to be completely tightened. Then control the weight slowly flat. This movement is easy to make the mistake of using too much weight, resulting in the peak contraction cannot control weight. This action in 4 groups, Each 10~15 times. With the same flat - leaned birds, you can also do in the inclined bench. Prone inclined bench, holding a dumbbell hanging on the side of the body, the outer side of dumbbell, and as far as possible after the show, and then control the running reduction. Many people do this in a hurry, should pay attention to weight control if you do not have the dumbbell high enough, it will reduce the deltoid stimulation.


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